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Getting to Cáceres

The DebConf9 venue is about 2 km from the Cáceres railway station. There are good rail connections to major cities in Spain, and on to other European countries. Note that you will probably have to wait until between two and three months before your travel dates to buy railway tickets.

Many low-cost airlines fly to Madrid and Lisbon (each about 300 km from Cáceres) and to Seville (about 250 km from Cáceres). Madrid is likely to be cheapest for long-distance flights. From those cities you can continue to Cáceres by train or bus.

Train fares explained

“Preferente” is “1st class”, as opposed to “Turista” which is the regular seats or however you want to call them.

“Tarifa General” is the regular fare, eg. what you’d (also) get if you go to the offices and buy the tickets. For *selected trains*, Renfe offers some special fares if you buy via the web site, the “Estrella” and “Web” fares.

These fares are:

  • cheaper (40% and 60% discount, Estrella and Web respectively)
  • only for selected trains
  • only for a number of seats (so you may check back in a week and they may be gone)
  • only apply when buying more than one week (Estrella) or two (Web) in advance
  • do not allow changes (Web), or at 15-20% charge (Estrella)
  • are return-with-penalty (30% Estrella, 50% Web)

Additionally, if you buy a return ticked at regular fare (Tarifa General), you’ll get a 20% discount on it.

In Cáceres

The Cáceres Tourist Portal has lots of information about the city.