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Practical Information


In July, Spain is on UTC+2 (CEST).


The currency in Spain is the euro. There are many ATMs in Cáceres, as well as at the airports and train stations you may pass through on the way there.

Sales tax (IVA) is already included in the prices you see. There is no need to tip the staff at the venue, but tips will be appreciated in other restaurants and bars.


In July each day the average maximum temperature is about 35°C (it can reach 40°C, and will of course feel hotter in direct sunlight), and the average minimum about 20°C.

12-day weather forecast for Cáceres

Alcohol and tobacco

The legal minimum age for buying alcohol or tobacco is 18. It is not normal to be asked to show proof of age, unless you look like you are too young.

It is illegal to drive a car with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.05%.

Smoking is not allowed in hotels. Restaurants and bars are free to decide whether they want to allow smoking (there is a legal requirement for a sign outside showing the policy), though larger restaurants and bars must at least provide non-smoking areas.


Type C and F power sockets are used.

Mains electricity is 230 V, 50 Hz.


To call numbers in Spain from other countries, dial +34.

The international dialling prefix for calling other countries from Spain (for which + is a placeholder) is 00.

Mobile (cell) phone networks in Spain use the GSM standard on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz.

The emergency services can be reached by the European standard number, 112.


There are no special health precautions that should be taken visiting Spain. However, it is a good idea to use sunscreen if you go outside during the day. Also, do not forget to drink enough water!

Visitors from participating countries should obtain a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before travelling.

Tourist information

The tourist office in Cáceres is at Plaza Mayor, 3.

There is a Cáceres tourism website at while the overall Extremadura one is


A place to rent bicycles.