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DebConf9 will take place in Residencia Muñoz Torrero, in Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. Its full address is:

Residencia Muñoz Torrero
Ronda de San Francisco, 2
10002 Cáceres

Phone: +34 927 006 888

We will be using this venue for DebCamp, the Debian Open Day and DebConf itself, as well as Accommodation for some attendees.

Getting to the venue

It is about 2 km from the railway station in Cáceres to the venue. If you don't want to walk, you could take a taxi (this will probably cost about 5 euros), or try to find someone with a car to come and pick you up – please tell us in advance if you have a disability which means you need special assistance when you arrive.

In any case you should take a look at the venue's location in Cáceres. The railway station is located approximately 2 km west-south-west of the venue.

To get to the venue from the railway station, go over the blue footbridge near the large roundabout, cross the next road, leaving the petrol station to your left, and go down the Avenida de la Hispanidad for about 1 km until you come to the third roundabout (not counting the big one at the railway station). Then, turn left into the Avenida de Bondad, follow that straight for 200 metres up the hill, veering right at the end to approach a roundabout. Cross the roundabout, taking the second exit (counting counter-clockwise) which is Avenida de Pablo Naranjo Porras for a little less than 1km -- if you are on the right hand side at this point, you'll want to cross the street at one of the several crossings, at which point you'll be able to see the pleasant lakes on the left, and will notice a row of about 20 cannon-balls on the pavement (sidewalk) as you approach the next roundabout. Go straight at the roundabout (you should see a DebConf sign pointing the way) -- you are now on the same block as the venue. Walk half way to the next road, and turn left into the entrance gate, following the arrows.

(The postal address is as given above, but the main entrance is in Calle de Muñoz Torrero.) The old town of Cáceres begins 800 metres north of the venue.